Welcome to the Eymann family and genealogy pages. My name is Torsten Eymann, and I try to link together all family members around the world. Today, the Eymann family name in all variations (Eyman, Iman, Eiman) is present in Germany, the USA, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Russia. There are some stories worth telling how Eymann family members migrated to these places, starting from the vicinity of Steffisburg, Switzerland, around 1530.

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This is our heraldic shield (not to be mistaken as a sign of nobility, probably dates from around 1880). The shield is a graphic representation of the name "Ey-mann". "Ey" denotes in a certain German dialect, Bernese Swiss German, a meadow by a river that is frequently flooded (today's German would read "Au". In English language, the "is-" in isle or island has the same linguistic root). If you happened to possess this meadow as a farmer, then you became in 1530, when lastnames where introduced, the "Ey-man" to distinguish your family from the other families in your village. The shield shows the river as a blue ribbon flowing through the middle, and three so-called heraldic roses which stand for the meadows or any vegetation.